Alicia Scharpou

Social Media Consultant

My love of travel has brought me on many amazing adventures in The United States and Abroad. Ultimately guiding me to my home here in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains. My free time is often filled with hiking, reading, painting, yoga, rock-climbing, and finding new fun ways to express myself creatively.

 I spent many years living in the Midwest, working in the finance, admin and marketing fields. After traveling abroad and always returning to Wisconsin or Michigan I eventually got to a point that I was ready for some new surroundings. My partner Nick and I took a life-changing trip to Costa Rica, which inspired us to set out on an adventure to explore our own homeland.

 Excited to begin a new chapter, we sold nearly everything we owned and purchased a 1977 GMC Motorhome. Our mission was to find a new home to grow our roots, while also exploring as many National Parks and National Forests as we could. Luck was on our side as it was the Centennial for The National Parks, so the timing was absolutely perfect! We spent 6 miraculous months on the road and explored 22 National Parks and Monuments.

Over the years, I’ve met so many business owners and entrepreneurs that all want the same thing – for their message and mission to be heard by the masses! The most common issue I would hear from business professionals is that they just didn’t have the time to maintain their brands social presence, or keep up with the constant changes with social media.

So, during our travels I decided to take my experience in marketing and social media to the next level and become a Social Media Consultant. Allowing myself to be of helpful service to others, while still offering myself a lifestyle that I felt aligned with. This is where I happily offer my services to you, so together we can work to ease and simplify the process.

Asheville, NC has provided me with great abundance and opened up the opportunity for me to be a part of The Sunrise Studios Team! I am so grateful to be partnered with this wonderful heart-centered company and to provide my services to our amazing clients.

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