the client

BlackWing Farms is a California-based company that produces flower essence and aromatherapy remedies for animals. They came to us with 12 years of a successful brand in need of an updated look and help expanding their market. Their mission is to enrich the lives and relationships of humans and animals through the most effective plant-based remedies, always improving mental and emotional well-being, while empowering others with knowledge and shared experiences.

Meg Harrison, owner of BlackWing Farms, is a published author and an advocate for safe and effective remedies for negative animal behaviors such as fear, aggression and separation-anxiety. Her work has lead her across the country working with shelters and sanctuaries and volunteering after disasters like Katrina in New Orleans, always with products in tow to help calm traumatized animals. The work she and BlackWing Farms does is so important and Sunrise Studios is so honored to have had the opportunity to expand their brand.


the work

original logo

redesigned logo
  • Redesign of old logo: An artist had done the original logo which was beautiful, but not vectorized and low resolution. They wanted to go in a more simple, modern direction but with the same concept, using the red that is in one of their most popular products, Bitch Balm. We created a vector file of their new logo so it can be used in any size format. We also created a reverse logo for dark backgrounds, a simple icon without words and a button logo, all provided in .jpeg, .png, .pdf and Illustrator files.
  • Redesign of website: Their original website was created on Shopify with an older theme. All of their content was already beautifully written and ready to go on the website. We redesigned the theme, still using Shopify, added custom graphics and photography and added SEO to their current site, boosting their brand identity and making them more visible to their market.
    Visit their site here.