Emily Nichols


My journey with photography began initially through story telling. While studying abroad in Thailand, I was amazed at how one photo could convey everything I needed to say to my friends and family back home.

Returning to the states, I was hooked. To my parents dismay, I definitely was not going to be a lawyer. My heart was irreversibly tied to the camera. By some grace, a few incredible international photographers crossed my path and encouraged me to keep pursuing this art.

My first real photography job was as a photojournalist.  For several years I hopped about the Central Piedmont and Western North Carolina photographing everything from football to bee keepers.

Soon enough, I realized my real truth and joy was in photographing people. I enjoy creating engaging and authentic portraits that conveyed the essence of who a person is and what they do without saying a single word. Photos can be so powerful in that way. They open our ability to feel and create an unspoken connection with and to our audience.

I’m thrilled to be on the team at Sunrise Studios and to assist our clients with creating powerful original imagery that conveys their story, their culture, their products and values.

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Keep Emily’s work in mind if you are in need of wedding or family photography.
Her photos genuinely capture the spark of love in group shots. See more of her work at: