Our Beginnings

how sunrise studios got its footing our beginnings

This past year, my good friend T. encouraged me to treat my birthday as the start of a new year, suggesting I go so far as to set a resolution. As I sat in my living room that morning with dusty gold light shining through my window, the only habit I wanted to stick to was to see the sunrise every day. That particular July morning, the sunrise wasn’t grand and spectacular. It was delicate and gradual, hovering above the foggy mountains like a palm placed on a friend’s back for comfort. I thought to myself, maybe this simple act of sitting quietly with the turning of the Earth would usher in other habits that would make me feel whole. Early morning running, tending my garden, yoga, meditation and reading could expand this comfortable silence at the start of my day. But these weren’t my resolutions. My only hope was to rise early every morning and appreciate the day unfolding before me each day of my 27th year. What I didn’t know at the time was that this daily habit would eventually influence the trajectory of my life, passions and career.

Life tumbled forward, as it does, and every morning I found the sunrise in some way. I would drive out to the tallest point near my home and watch the pinks and oranges light up downtown Asheville. I sat with warm light spilling onto my face, eyes closed and fingers wrapped around a cup of warm tea. I walked around my property, finding the sunlight peeking through rustling leaves as I fed my chickens and tended my garden. During these morning contemplations, I began to search within myself for the spark I knew existed. The quiet sunrises acted as the kindling to help ignite the flame of confidence that I could work from my heart, finding happiness by aiding in the success and growth of the community I love. I wanted to push my boundaries as a designer, straying from any one style and making it my goal to truly connect with my clients from a heartfelt place. I needed to build brands that people didn’t just like, but ones that sparked a fire within them– A truly unique representation of the soul of their business. A new day for each client. So goes the birth of Sunrise Studios.

Slowly and intentionally, our team is growing into a powerful group of women who own their individual crafts. A designer, a photographer, a visionary, a writer, a social media wizz… We make up Sunrise Studios. Read more about our team here.

I feel so whole I’m spilling over. Grab a cup and come to Sunrise Studios to catch some of this love. 

All the best,


Alane Mason is the Owner and Design Specialist of Sunrise Studios. When she isn’t connecting with clients and building websites, she is most likely found lounging in her backyard, staring up at the sky or reading good book.